UVRA-Zero Tolerance Policy

Sportsmanship is our Goal

To that end, we’ve adopted the following Zero Tolerance Policy.

Expectations of Spectators

The Upper Valley Recreation Association (UVRA)* has agreed that there will be zero tolerance for fan misbehavior at all sporting events.  This includes but is not limited to: booing, shouting at officials, or arguing any call.  Expressing any negative behavior or comments, threats or obscene gestures to players, coaches or officials is also unacceptable.

Cheering in a positive fashion, for both sides is highly encouraged.  Ours is a recreational league with fun as the primary emphasis.  Many officials and coaches are volunteers and we should all appreciate their efforts, and support them, setting a good example for the children.

Any spectator who does not behave appropriately (as directed above) will be asked to leave, according to the following steps:

Official(s) will identify violators to the coaches, or vice versa.
Official(s) confer with both coaches, one of whom will then approach the spectator and may give a warning, or ask them to leave. If the spectator is not recognized by either coach, the home coach will speak to him/her.
If the decision is made for the spectator to leave, play will not resume until he/she has left the facility. If he/she refuses to leave, his/her team will forfeit, and the game will be over.

Please help us foster good sportsmanship, and encourage positive experiences for our youth.

*These towns/organizations are members of the UVRA and have agreed upon the above guidelines:  Carter Community Building Association (CCBA), Claremont, Hartford, Hartland, Hanover, Lebanon, Lyme, Norwich, Plainfield, Springfield, Thetford, Windsor, and Woodstock.

Adopted by the UVRA – January 14, 2003