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Personal Training

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Our Personal Training

We will match you with one of our expert trainers

Our certified personal trainers have a diverse array of skillsets. We’ll help you choose the best trainer for your personal fitness goals.

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Your trainer will develop a personalized plan

After an initial fitness assessment, your trainer will create a custom program tailored to your fitness goals.


Your personal trainer will continue to support and challenge you to reach your fitness goals.

Package Pricing

Email Joanna Graber, Group Fitness Director and get started now!


4 sessions: $216
8 sessions: $408

Member Pair*

4 sessions: $320
8 sessions: $600
(train together with a friend!)

Single Session

Member:         $60
Non-member: $80

*We also have non-member rates for our packages! Email Joanna Graber, our Group Fitness Director, to get started!