“[At the CCBA] we have met new people, made lasting friendships and maintained community connections that have made our own world more joyful and fulfilled.” – Andrea C, Member for 20+ years

“The CCBA has always been a part of my community and my family. My three children grew up using the facilities and attending events. My college-age daughter is still a member!” – Michele H, Member for 20+ years

“Our life in Lebanon has been greatly enriched by our association with the CCBA!” – Andrea C, Member for 20+ years

“I couldn’t be happier to be back with my CCBA family!” – Jason S


“From the moment I walked into the CCBA 8 years ago, it has been ‘my gym.’ The staff team is warm and encouraging, members are motivated and down to earth, and the facilities are exceptional” – Chris A

“From the cleanliness of the fitness center to the first-class equipment, I appreciate all that you do. Thank You!” – Alice C

“I have been coming to the CCBA for more than 20 years. The friendly staff, well-run facilities, and great community keep me coming back year after year.” – Sheila C


“The staff are so friendly and helpful. They have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable…always!” – Michele H

“The staff at the CCBA are knowledgeable, caring, and hardworking people.” – Alice C

“…at the front desk, I am greeted with a smile and name recognition which immediately lifts my spirits. The staff is made up of wonderful and professional individuals who are cheerful and welcoming.” – Diane

“What I always love about the CCBA is that if there is a job to be done, all departments get involved. During my workouts, I can see directors mopping, instructors cleaning, and desk staff sanitizing to keep members and staff safe.” – Denise, Former staff member

“During this mostly cloudy Covid winter, my sunshine is a great workout followed by the wonderful smiles of the staff and members that I miss so much since my retirement.” – Denise, Former staff member

Virtual Membership & Zoom Classes

“The CCBA’s virtual membership has been a COVID silver lining…Without a doubt the CCBA has helped me maintain health and sanity during this crazy year!” – Amy S

“Zoom classes allow me to take CCBA classes in the safety and comfort of my home. I am actually taking more, and more varied, exercise classes than I used to – and feeling fitter than ever!” – S A

“As a long-time member, I was thrilled that the CCBA started offering live Zoom classes in response to Covid-19…These classes provide an opportunity for the continued community connection that the CCBA is known for.” – Ellen H

“I love the CCBA Zoom classes…I’ve tried apps and websites that have on-demand classes, but it is too easy for me to skip them, since they aren’t live.  When I know [the instructor] is watching in a live class, I work harder.” – Julia N

“Zoom classes are fun and help us to stay in great shape until we can meet again!” – Tom and Mary O

“…the Zoom classes are a perfect fit for continuing to stay healthy and safe.  Joanna is a great teacher and gives good instructions for each exercise she does.” – Mary E

“CCBA zoom classes are one of my favorite side effects resulting from social distancing…Knowing that I am checking in and communicating with an instructor makes me feel like I am part of a group while exercising in the privacy of my own home.” – Molly F

“I would be completely out of shape if I didn’t have the CCBA’s Zoom classes…It gets harder as we age to stay in shape, but Joanna is helping me with that even while I am in Florida.” – Mary E

“I regularly use the Zoom yoga classes…I love being in my own space and I still feel a deep connection with the other class participants and the teacher.” – Ellen L


“We were blown away by how much progress our daughter made in just one 3 week session.”- Meredith M

“Masters swim is a fun workout with a great group of people. The workouts have so much variety that I never get bored.” – LR

“I love, love, love the Aqua Aerobics class! I have done lap swimming, and other fitness classes too. It is wonderful to have different instructors, each with their own teaching style.” – Nan R

“Even though I know how to swim, I took swimming lessons to learn proper stroke, form, and breathing techniques. Now swimming is part of my weekly routine and I love it!” – Michele H

“The classes in the pool have been a joint saver for me as I have got older.” – Sue O

“Marie did an incredible job meeting my kids at their individual skill levels while creating an inclusive experience for everyone in the class” – Meredith M


“Something that keeps me coming back [after 30+ years] is the camaraderie among the Aqua Aerobics crew. We encourage each other and have fun doing it.” – Nan R

Group Fitness Classes

“Working out with a group really helps to motivate me. The group atmosphere provides a supportive, motivating, fun environment to work out.” – MG

“The people in the [group] classes are not just other members, they quickly become friends and some of your biggest supporters.”  – Steph

“There are lots of classes to choose from with fun, energetic instructors. So glad we have the CCBA!” – Sheila C

“I especially enjoy Joanna’s Tabata classes and Kristin’s Iyengar yoga class. Both instructors present physically challenging classes with detailed instruction and options for modification that are balanced with good humor.” – Ellen H

“I started spinning when I was injured and ­­­unable to run. It kept me in great shape and although I can run now, I’m hooked on the low-impact cardio fitness.” – LR

“Adrianne really knocked it out of the park with her spin class.  The music was so well-timed and she was super engaging and motivating!” – Dana R

“The instructors are upbeat and knowledgeable.  They always update exercise routines to keep things fresh.” – MG

“Group fitness classes at the CCBA are a wonderful way to help keep you motivated to exercise.” – Steph