Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child visit the facility on their own? Youth in 7th and 8th grade can access the fitness areas, (after meeting with a Fitness Instructor for an orientation), pool and basketball courts up until 6:00 pm. 

How old do I need to be to use the hot tub and sauna? 18 and older are welcome to use the whirlpool and sauna.

Can I bring a guest? Guests are welcome to purchase a day pass and join you.  

Is there a dress code policy?  Shirts or tank tops and sneakers are required throughout the building.  No outside shoes are allowed in the group fitness studio, Pat Walsh gymnasium or fitness rooms.  Please bring a change of shoes.

What is an Autopay EFT membership? It is an easy way to pay for your membership on an automatic basis each month.  You set up with the CCBA to have payments transferred directly from a credit card.  You know exactly what day and the amount that will be transferred each month. There is a minimum of three months and then the EFT membership turns to a month to month and can be canceled with 3 business days’ written notice.

Can I get a credit for time that I didn’t use the facilities? Credits are given for documented medical reasons.  Email Joanna Graber with questions.

Can I freeze my membership? We do not freeze memberships.  We offer flexibility at the point of purchase with one-month memberships, Autopay EFTs and longer term options.  Please purchase the membership that best meets your needs.  Our membership department is always available to help you decide what will be the best value for you.

Can I get an extension for medical reasons? Yes, time will be added onto your membership for documented medical reasons. Email Joanna Graber with questions.

What is the membership cancellation policy? If you are on an Autopay EFT membership, you can cancel your membership with 3 business days’ written notice after completing your 3-month minimum.  Paid in full memberships can’t be canceled or refunded. 

What is your inclement weather policy and how do you share weather-related changes in hours? A variety of good faith variables go into our decisions to close early or have a delayed opening:  weather predictions, our ability to keep our parking lots and walkways safe, and our staff’s ability to get to and from work safely.  We will always do our best to maintain our regular schedule.  If we have a change in hours we will post on the CCBA website and Facebook page.