Looking for accountability? Motivation? Structure?

For those who are seeking these elements and the benefits of obtaining your fitness goals, we have great personal training programs.

Personal training is not a luxury anymore! People are finding that personal training can literally be a life saver. Besides the common goals of gaining strength, losing weight and body fat, there are many other measurable results that occur by increased knowledge of health and fitness. Some of the other great results that can come from working with a personal trainer are lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, more energy, better sleep and lack of depression, while becoming stronger and more confident!  All of our personal trainers are nationally certified and take pride in making their sessions efficient and effective for each client.

One-on-one attention can motivate you to maximize your fitness potential, lose weight, reach your fitness goals and guide you on your fitness journey. Our trainers will work with you to arrange workout times that fit your schedule and lifestyle.


  • Whatever your fitness level, you can start today:
    Fitness for beginners
    Rehabilitation for injury & illness
    Workouts for experienced exercisers
    Advanced sport training
    Sport specific focused sessions
    Build core strength
    Increase flexibility
    Burn body fat
    Improve balance and coordination
    Lose those unwanted pounds in a healthy and safe way



                                         Individual                       Partner Training

Members                          $60/hour                     $90/hour ($45/hour/person)

Non-members                  $80/hour                    $130/hour ($65/hour/person)



                                       Individual                          Partner Training

4 Sessions                       $216                               $320 ($160/person)

8 Sessions                       $408                               $600 ($300/person)


For more information or to schedule a consultation please contact Joanna Graber, Member Services Director.