Meet our Members-Lianne Moccia


Lianne Moccia
Member since 1999

Lianne Moccia was here in 1987 on the day the CCBA first opened. She bought a membership and quickly became a fixture in our pool, even swimming while she was nine months pregnant with her daughter. In those days, Lianne swam regularly with other young parents while her daughter stayed with Eileen Barden in the CCBA’s Day Care Center. She recalls fondly that, after 45 minutes, Eileen would deliver the children right to poolside for “Baby Bubbles,” a learn-to-swim program for the youngest members of the CCBA. Over 35 years later, Lianne still has her membership and swims 2-3 times a week.

What has kept her coming back all these years? First and foremost, she appreciates that the building is a community gathering spot, bustling with people of all ages, from families playing basketball in the gym all the way up to adults doing water aerobics. The pool has always been Lianne’s main focus, but over time she has also found her way into spinning and TRX classes. During the Covid months, she and her stalwart cadre of TRX’ers (led by Kathy Bennett) met for class outside under the pavilion, regardless of the weather conditions. In the last few weeks, she’s become a convert to Denise Breedlove’s new Pilates class in the Mind and Body Room.

Over the years, Lianne has seen opportunities at the CCBA expand to include adaptive swimmers, the Parkinson’s exercise program, Power Soccer, and veterans who swim and play pickleball. Access, variety, and inclusiveness are three of the organization’s values that appeal to her most; her children attended the CCB’s after-school program and participated in the swim team, Project Graduation, basketball teams, and dance programs. The range of activities and the intergenerational composition of our membership makes for a rich and diverse social landscape at the CCBA and helps build connections between groups of people in the Upper Valley.

Lianne is representative of many of the CCBA’s longtime, loyal members. She and her family have grown up with the organization as part of their everyday lives. Our building has been a place for them to exercise, learn, stay healthy, connect, and socialize. Her steady presence over the course of two generations highlights the central role of the CCBA in her life and in the lives of local residents, past and present. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve area families and individuals and to benefit from their community-minded approach to the world.