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Kenneth Jackson

Standing 5’10” and 240 pounds, Kenneth Jackson cuts an imposing figure in the CCBA’s 2nd floor weight room. But a more gentle and compassionate person you’ll never meet, to say nothing of his iron discipline; Kenneth trains six days a week and often twice a day! If you ask him, he can rattle off his strict regimen: back, arms, and abs on Monday, legs on Tuesday, and so on right through to Saturday. Since he does not own a car, he takes two buses to get to the CCBA from his home in White River Junction, but the transportation logistics never faze him. As Kenneth puts it, “Getting my workout done helps me keep my life on track. I couldn’t live without it.” 

 Kenneth grew up in Bridgeport, CT, but he moved to Brattleboro and then White River Junction when he heard from a friend that Vermont offered more promising employment prospects. Finding the CCBA was like “coming home” for Kenneth because qualified for an Adult and Family Scholarship, and he was able to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. “I grew up watching Arnold [Schwarzenegger] on TV and in movies,” he said, “and I remember thinking ‘I want to be like that.’’’ He still keeps Arnold’s iconic book close at hand: The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Kenneth credits his own daily weight training, good nutrition, and ample sleep for his capacity to work out so frequently, build muscle mass, and stay injury-free. 

 When asked what he likes most about the CCBA, Kenneth doesn’t hesitate: “It’s the people. I meet new people every day in the weight room. They help me and I help them.” Having studied the technique and mechanics of weight training for years, Kenneth has a wealth of expertise and is known to share advice and ideas with fellow CCBA members. He also appreciates the range of training options at our facility. “There’s a lot more variety here than at other gyms,” he says, “so I can really get a complete workout.” Lately, he has expanded his routine to include walking on the treadmills and using the stationary bikes in order to increase his cardiovascular fitness.  

 We are delighted that Kenneth found his way to the Upper Valley and that he is part of our growing community at the CCBA. “This is a friendly place,” he says, “and people are much nicer here than in the cities!” Someday in the future, Kenneth hopes to “step on stage” to compete as a bodybuilder. But until that day comes, he will keep showing up every day at the CCBA, setting fitness goals, working through his program, and socializing with like-minded members.