Indoor Cycling


Indoor cycling is a group exercise class that takes place on a special stationary bicycle in which participants work at their own individual fitness level.  We offer 4 types of indoor cycling classes to help keep your workout fresh and challenging!

If you are new to Indoor Cycling or have never attended a class at the CCBA we ask that you participate in a free 30-minute orientation.  Please fill out an orientation request form at the front desk or contact Cheryl Bush Indoor Cycling Coordinator.



Participants train their body to be more efficient at metabolizing
fat and maintaining a constant steady state of training, sometimes
for extended periods of time. Heart rate training is between 65-
75% of your maximum working heart rate. Increased pedaling
efficiency and aerobic capacity are the main focus of this class.


Added resistance during this class helps develop muscular
endurance and power! Your heart rate will range between 75-
85% of your maximum working heart rate. The goal of this class
is to build cardiovascular strength to handle a slightly
uncomfortable pace. The heart rate straddles the aerobic and
anaerobic energy zones. Switching from one form of energy
metabolism to another improves their efficiency!


An interval workout emphasizes regular work efforts with
recovery time between challenging acceleration drills and “fast
flats”. Your heart rate will range between 65-92% of your
maximum working heart rate. The goal of this
class is to improve your recovery time between work efforts,
which is a clear indication of increased fitness.


Race day is a special event! Come well hydrated, rested and
prepared to get pushed to your limit. It is an invigorating and
exciting workout, which tests your fitness level. It stimulates the
adrenaline, a physical challenge you would experience in an actual
race. Your heart rate will range between 80-92% of your
maximum working heart rate.


Offered periodically by a trained instructor, threshold
training will what your maximum working heart rate is
to better allow more accurate measures to predict
your working zones.

We are closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.