Health & Wellness Coaching

The CCBA’s Certified Health Coaches will help you bridge the gap between the certified personal trainer and the registered dietitian. We work with you on addressing the health, lifestyle and fitness barriers that get in the way of weight loss goals.

We are excited to assist you with:

  • nutrition and hydration
  • staying motivated
  • attaining achievable goals
  • physical activity guidance
  • meal prep
  • developing your strengths to support successful changes

Get started now with a 60 minute assessment AND 30 minute follow up! 

Enjoy a 60 minute complete health & wellness assessment that may include:

  • one on one discussions
  • food journal
  • food strategies that include portion control and healthy food choices and menu planning
  • identifying short term goals
  • weight check
  • body fat analysis
  • physical activity guidance
  • how to create a work and life balance
  • measurements


30 minute follow up session

This will give you time to follow up with your health coach and discuss the progress you are making, identify areas of your plan that are on target and areas that may need to be adjusted. Take this time to re-evaluate your goals and strategize with your coach on your next steps towards success!

Getting Started – price includes your 60 minute complete assessment and a 30 minute follow up.

Member:  $85
Non-member:  $115


Additional follow up sessions:

Based on your needs, follow up can be in person, over the phone or via email. Whatever is easiest for you!

30 minutes      $43/member      $58/non-member
1 hour             $85/member      $115/non-member
2 hours           $170/member
4 hours           $305/member


For more information, email Joanna Graber, Member Services Director or call 603/448-6477.