The C.A.R. is for children whose parents are making use of the Witherell Recreation Center facilities. Parents must remain on CCBA property.
Please label all belongings.
Snack time is the only time we have a food break. If your visit does not coincide with this time, please feed your child ahead of time. We recommend nursing or feeding infants prior to drop off.
For your child’s safety, no gum please.
Children 3 & older, or too big for  the changing table, need to be changed by their parents. Parents will be called if their child becomes upset when being changed or taken to the bathroom.
New members or those who haven’t used the room in more than 2 months, please schedule an orientation.
Indoor shoes are mandatory if your child is walking.  Please bring a clean pair of shoes or slippers (no winter boots please) for your child to wear while visiting.
Drop-in only, no need for reservations.
Children 12 months and under may stay for a maximum of 90 minutes.  Children over a year old may stay for a maximum of 2 hours.
Parents will be called to pick up their child if crying persists beyond 15 minutes,  injuries or if their behavior is unmanageable.