New members should speak with a Fitness Instructor before using equipment to ensure proper usage.
Youth in grades 7 & 8 can access the 2nd floor fitness areas with a youth membership and after completing Middle School Strength & Conditioning Program (included with membership).
Youth in grades 9-12 can access the 2nd floor fitness areas with a youth membership and after completing one demonstration in each strength training room with a Fitness Instructor (included with membership).
Only CCBA staff may provide personal training, sport instruction, fitness instruction, or coaching in any of our facilities (e.g. cueing and form correction).
Proper footwear is required, no outside shoes, boots or sandals.
Users are responsible for cleaning equipment and returning all equipment to its proper storage location.
Please be respectful of others personal space, especially with weight lifting.
No cell phone usage is allowed in the fitness or locker rooms. Please use your phone in the lobby or hallway.
We strongly suggest securing personal belongings in a locker. No bags or personal belongings are allowed in any of the fitness rooms.
Please report broken equipment or injuries to the Fitness Instructor on duty.
The use of weight belts is prohibited on padded equipment.
Patrons must use the equipment for its intended purpose or function. Improper use of any equipment will not be tolerated.
When using the Cardio Room please sign in and out and adhere to the time limits on the machines.


Slamming weight stacks or dropping Olympic bars, weight plates, barbells or dumbbells is prohibited. Olympic bars, weight plates, barbells and dumbbells must be below the knee before placing down.
Heavy deadlifting must be done on the platform only, or in spaces designated by staff.
Users are recommended to have a spotter when heavy weight is lifted.
Collars must be used on all bars with plates added.


Those going through the circuit have the right of way to the next piece of equipment.
Most members do one set on each machine. If you are doing more, let those doing the circuit/one set only go through while you recover between sets.  Please do not jump on a machine in front of someone.