Facility Rules & Guideline

  • Members are required to check-in at the front desk each visit with their membership card. 
  • The use of a lock in the locker room is strongly recommended. Locker rentals are available for members. No bags on the floor or ramp.  The CCBA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Only CCBA staff may provide personal training, sports instruction, fitness instruction, or coaching in any of our facilities (e.g. cueing and form correction).
  • CCBA programs take priority over non-CCBA activities.
  • Shoes must be worn throughout the building. Non-marking sneakers are required in the group fitness studio, gymnasium, and racquetball court. Muddy or dirty shoes are not permitted in workout areas. Participants are asked to please change into a clean pair of shoes on the first floor before they begin their workout.
  • Do not use the facility while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. Please consult your doctor before exercising.
  • All injuries and equipment breakages must be reported to CCBA staff.
  • Cell phone use is permitted in the lobby and hallway only. It is not permitted in the locker or fitness rooms.
  • There are no personal displays of affection, profanity, horseplay or running. Please be considerate of other members.
  • Shirts or tank tops are required. We do not allow any clothing with profanity or inappropriate words or pictures.
  • Keep food or drink in the game room or lobby. Smoking (cigarettes or electronic cigarettes), chewing tobacco, weapons, and alcohol are not permitted on CCBA property. Spitting is prohibited in the building, No glass containers please.
  • Objectionable behavior may result in a person being asked to leave CCBA property. If a person’s behavior is considered unsafe or involves fighting, stealing, property damage or disorderly conduct it may result in suspension, expulsion or termination of membership and/or use of the facility. There are no refunds.
  • Any damage to the facility or equipment that is caused by negligence or horseplay will be charged to the individual and/or their parent/guardian.
  • Not all rules are posted in immediate areas. If a staff member requests your cooperation, please adjust your behavior. If you have questions about a specific policy, you may contact the director of that department.
  • If you are using the facilities and equipment of the Witherell Recreation Center, be advised that you use the facilities and equipment at your own risk. The CCBA is not responsible for negligent use or behavior. Please be aware that inappropriate use may result in injury, paralysis, or death.

The pool ramp will not be available 9/19/22 from 4–7 pm…

…and 9/20/22 from 10 am until closing