Corporate Membership FAQs

Corporate Membership – Common Questions

Who determines the number of people who are eligible for discounts?

The corporate associate does. Each associate supplies the CCBA with a list or other means of identifying those people who are eligible for the benefit. The corporate membership fee is based on the number of people the corporate associate declares eligible.

Do members of an eligible person’s family receive discounts?

The CCBA will extend discounted fees to the employee’s spouse and dependent children up to the age of 23. Family members do not need to be included on the corporate associate list nor are they counted in determining the corporate membership fee.

Will the membership fees charged today remain the same for the duration of our corporate membership?

As we state on the rate sheet, fees are subject to change without notice. Our fees are thoroughly reviewed by the Board of Trustees at least once per year. The CCBA’s fiscal year is January 1 and fees are likely to be adjusted at that time. Remember that members are only subject to changes in fees when they renew.

What if someone in our corporate group already has a CCBA membership?

We do not offer pro-rated refunds. Just as soon as that person’s membership comes up for renewal, (s)he can take advantage of the discounted fees. Since corporate memberships last for a full year, everyone with an existing membership will have a chance to renew at the discounted rates.

Do employees’ memberships expire when the corporate account expires?

No. People in a corporate group may purchase their own discounted memberships of whatever length on any date during which the corporate membership is in effect.