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CCBA Preschool

Preschool Programs

All prices reflect 2020-2021 September – June school year

Toddler Time
Ages  2 & 3
Tue/Thu 9:00 am-12:00 pm

This program focuses on sharing, independence, social interaction, language development, physical development, music, arts & crafts and more!

Sept-May:  $230/month
June: $115

Discovery Time
Ages 3 & 4
Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00 am-12:00 pm

This program focuses on learning a structured routine, self-help skills, problem solving, name recognition, fine and gross motor skills, music, arts & crafts, field trips and swim time!

Sept-May:  $320/month
June: $160

Ages 4 & 5
Monday-Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm

This program focuses on the skills needed for success in Kindergarten and beyond. We concentrate on age-appropriate character and social development, proper writing formation, letter and number recognition, being responsible for ourselves and our classroom, problem solving, independence, music, science, arts & crafts, field trips and swim time. Instructors are sensitive to varying abilities and learning styles.

Sept-May:  $455/month
June: $228

Extended Day
Ages 3 – 5
Monday-Friday 12:00-4:00 pm
Sign up by the day or the week!

This program focuses on socialization and fun. Teachers offer a flexible schedule for all children who participate in this drop-in program. Emphasis is on social skills, following directions, making choices, arts & crafts, library time, swim time and more!
Cost:  $30/day or $135/week

Lunch Club & Early Drop Off
Lunch Club – available for all classes
Monday – Friday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm $8/day

Early Drop Off – available for all classes
Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 9:00 am $8/day

For more information about any of our Preschool Programs please contact Eileen Urquhart, Preschool Program Director at (603) 448-6477 ext 115 or email at

Preparing your child for future schooling since 1999

We are a licensed child care program from New Hampshire, Department of Health & Human Services.

Why is preschool important?
Preschoolers strengthen their social skills and learn how to compromise, be respectful of others and problem solve. They also gain a sense of self, explore and build confidence.

What are we all about?
Our programs are designed to be a positive emotional, social, intellectual and physical experience for your child. Each of our programs offer lasting benefits in self esteem, learning and friendship. These are the stepping stones to your child’s future. Children are exposed to many learning foundations and are encouraged to develop skills at their own pace.  Our Preschool Program instructors have been with us for many years. This gives us the chance to forge strong relationships with children and their families as they move through our programs.


“The teachers at CCBA are superb! They are joyful and gifted. The structure of the program is great. The activities the children do all have a purpose for learning and are engaging and fun. My 3-year old daughter came home and asked me who, what, when where, and why about a story I was telling my family a few weeks ago. Needless to say, the social skills they are teaching and modeling are top-notch. My daughter looks forward to going each day. I highly recommend these preschool programs!”

Erin Conner

“We have been very pleased with our experience with the CCBA preschool program over the years. Our son was very well prepared for Kindergarten and our daughter is well on her way! The classes strike the right balance between play, learning and practicing social skills, and becoming academically prepared for Kindergarten. We are so glad the CCBA preschool was recommended to us when we moved Lebanon 3 1/2 years ago!”

Emily Corwin

“Our daughter had blossomed this year in CCBA Pre-K! We have complete confidence that she is well-prepared for Kindergarten next year.”

Rebekah Patel

“Our family loved the CCBA Preschool program. It provided each of our children with a fun, supportive, enriching and educational experience every day. ”