CCBA EFT Membership Agreement

EFT CONTRACT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Your membership fees will automatically be deducted from your credit card on the day you purchase and then on the first of each month. This is an auto renewal membership with a 3 month minimum, your membership will automatically renew month-to-month. If you would like to terminate your membership, you must provide 3 business days’ notice in writing or by email.

It is agreed by and between the Carter Community Building Association (CCBA) at 1 Taylor Street, Lebanon NH 03766 and you, the undersigned Buyer (individually, if you are the Member, and/or as agent or guardian of the Member or responsible party), that you are purchasing an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Membership from the CCBA according to the terms of this Membership Agreement and the current Membership Policies and Gym Rules and Regulations provided herewith (“Agreement”).

YOUR EFT BILLING DATE: Your monthly dues will be automatically billed on the day you purchase and then on the first of each month and continuing the first of every month every Billing Period or as soon thereafter as practical, until your Membership is cancelled (see how to cancel your EFT Membership).

HOW TO CANCEL YOUR EFT MEMBERSHIP: You may cancel your Membership and the continued billing of dues via EFT at the end of the three (3) month EFT contract by emailing written notice of your cancellation or by delivering your written request in person at the CCBA’s Witherell Recreation Center at least 3 business days before your next billing date.

EFT REQUEST: To the extent permitted by law, you authorize us to initiate separate EFT/CC charges from the account you identified and/or any replacement account (Account) for the following amounts: (1) your recurring billing period dues, (2) a return fee of $25 for any EFT charge returned unpaid or on a credit/debit card return; (3) and any other fee for other goods/services we provide you if you instruct us to bill the charge to your Account on file, as authorized by you at that time.

Authorized EFT payments may be separately initiated or, to the extent permitted by law, combined with other authorized EFT payments. You will receive notice if your EFT rate is changing and have the choice of whether to continue or cancel your membership at that time. If tax rates change to alter such a charge, you consent to receive notice only if the charge varies by more than 10%. You may cancel your EFT authorization by giving us written notice of termination. It will take effect after we have had a sufficient time to allow us and your financial institution, using commercially reasonable efforts, to act on the notice. You agree to give us notice if your billing or Account information changes. If you decide to change your billing information, 3 business days are required.

By signing this Agreement, Buyer acknowledges that Buyer is of legal age, has received a filled-in and completed copy of this entire Agreement identifying the membership type and services purchased, has read and understands the entire Agreement including, but not limited to the EFT request (if applicable), the Agreement to arbitrate all disputes, the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity, and all other Additional Terms and Conditions and the current Membership Policies and Gym Rules and Regulations which can be found on the CCBA website at www.joinccba.org. The CCBA has made no express or implied warranties or representation other than those expressly set forth in this Agreement to induce Buyer or anyone to enter into this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and no other agreement or understanding exists between Buyer and the CCBA. Any conflict between the original Agreement and any copy shall be controlled by the original Agreement.