Aqua Classes

Aqua Classes

If you are looking for a workout without as much impact, this is it!  The pool is a great way to get a workout while minimizing the wear and tear on muscles and joints.  Exercising in a swimming pool and using the water’s resistance can also help you build or improve your strength and power.


Aqua Blast

Non-stop, high energy aquatic workout! With a focus on cardio and muscle endurance this class will have you burning calories and sweating.

Aqua Motion

Cardio and strength movement combinations patterned to maximize the resistance of the water.

Aqua Zumba

This class blends the Zumba philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you shouldn’t miss. There is less impact on your joints during class so you can really let loose.

Deep Aqua Motion

This no-impact, ‘joint-friendly’ deep-water class is an
excellent cross-training class for everyone.