Our Safety Standards

“…the CCBA team has done a brilliant job redesigning the layout to meet the new protocols and ensure balanced safety and fitness.” – Jason S.

For more information about our during COVID-19 guidelines, click HERE

Cleaning & Disinfecting

In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we have added an hourly cleaning and disinfecting schedule throughout the day and overnight.

We will be using EPA-registered disinfectants which are designated effective against the COVID-19 virus with a kill time of 3 minutes or less.

We will allow a minimum of 30 minutes between group fitness classes for disinfecting the studio and all equipment.

Most of our cardio equipment is now set up in the Pat Walsh Gymnasium.  Please wipe down your machine or equipment before and after use with a disinfecting wipe provided.

Please wipe down your machine or equipment before and after use with a disinfecting wipe provided.

Our HVAC system is equipped with Bipolar Ionization technology, which helps continuously disinfect the air by filtering out droplets that may contain virus particles. This helps reduce airborne transmission of COVID-19 by actively cleaning the air.

It’s the same system that’s in use at institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Boston’s Children’s Hospital!

What you can expect

We have adjusted club operating hours to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting during the day and at closing.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now required to have all members reserve a time to come in to work out.  You will need to make separate reservations for the childcare room, pool or group fitness classes.

We are not allowed to sell day passes so if you need to renew your membership email Barbara Parker, Membership and Marketing Director.

We ask that members enter the front door of the building.  We will have traffic going up the ramp and then down the stairs. Please exit the double doors on the first landing.  Obviously anyone who needs to use the ramp will be allowed to do so – stay to the right.

Most of our cardio equipment is now up in the Pat Walsh Gymnasium!  We have left some pieces on the second floor and in the first floor game room. All equipment is spread out so we can maintain a safe distance.

We’ve done a lot of moving and spacing of our equipment and we think you’ll love how spacious and roomy everything is!


The circuit training room has been split up and is now spread out in two separate rooms.

The free weight room is ready to be used with a couple of changes.  We may need to rotate some equipment in order to maintain social distancing. If you normally wear a weight belt, please bring your own, we cannot lend any out.

We cannot lend out hand towels or magazines.

The saunas and hot tub are currently closed.

Along with staff continuously cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, we are asking our members to wipe down their machines and equipment with provided disinfecting wipes before and after use.  Thank you for helping keep our facility as clean and safe as possible!

Sanitizer Stations

Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the building and frequently throughout their visit. We have hand sanitizing stations at the entrance and exits of each room and touchless stations throughout the building.

Members will be asked to use disinfectant wipes on equipment or machines before and after use in addition to the CCBA’s cleaning protocols. Our disinfectant wipes, approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19 will be available throughout the building.

Health Checks

Members and our staff will have body temperatures taken prior to entering the club via touchless thermometers. Per CDC guidelines, individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees, will not be permitted entry into the CCBA.

Members and our staff will be required to answer a health questionnaire every time they visit the CCBA to confirm they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, nor have they come in contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms or have travelled to or had contact from someone coming from a “Red Zone” according to the John Hopkins map.  If so, you must quarantine for 10 days.  If a member answers yes to any other questions, they will not be allowed to work out.  If an employee answers yes to any questions, they will not be allowed to work.

New Guidelines

Staff and members are required to bring their own face masks and wear it at all times in the club.
Starting October 19th we are refining the types of masks we will allow in the facility as an added layer of community protection. The best masks to wear have at least a double layer of breathable material and do not have an exhalation valve.
Gaiters (Buffs) must be doubled when worn in the facility.
Bandanas and any face covering that hangs open will not be allowed at this time.
Members must wear facemasks at all times on the first and second floor, including using any equipment, on the pool deck and in the locker rooms. This means the only time masks are off is during group fitness classes and in the pool. We are strongly encouraging face masks to be worn when you are on cardio equipment on the 3rd floor.

Thank you for your cooperation!

So members can give each other enough space, physical distancing cues are marked in the group fitness studios and posters throughout the building reminding everyone to maintain at least 6 feet distance between others.